Hernia Information

Hernia may be defined as an abnormal protrusion of a part of an organ through the wall of the cavity, specially the abdominal cavity that contains it. It manifests in a kind of swelling or bulge that can push through, say the hiatus, into the diaphragm or the cavity of the chest.

Sometimes the hernial bulge becomes prominent and obvious when you strain yourself or cough violently putting pressure on your stomach and the doctor can easily make it out by feeling the afflicted area, say the lower portion of the scrotum, in case of men, with his index finger. This is done in case of inguinal hernia.
henia information

At other times, especially in case of Hiatal hernia, doctors have to diagnose hernia with the help of special tests like upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and upper gastrointestinal series of tests.

In case of umbilicaHernia Typesl hernia, there will be a small half inch to 2 inches or 2 cm to 5 cm (in diameter) swelling or bulge in the navel region of a baby/infant that will appear when the baby cries or puts pressure on its abdomen and will vanish when the baby stays calm and happy or lies blissfully on its back.

Hernia affects both men and women, but some kinds of hernia strike only men, some strike both, in case of a few types of hernia men will be more at risk while with others women will be more susceptible.

The hernial condition has to be repaired through surgery, as soon as it is detected by the doctor to avoid complications and more than 600000 hernia operations are conducted in USA per annum at an average.

The cost of surgery in USA is pegged at a steep $4000 to $8000 that also includes minimum hospital stay and the cost of the procedure. This same surgery can be done at one fourth the cost and in a better, more efficient manner in India.

Laparoscopic hernia surgery costs less and will burn a smaller hole in your pocket and the post operative pain will be lesser, recovery will be faster and in a day or two you can get back to normal life.